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My SEO Company in Cumbria helps businesses increase sales and revenue by improving their visibility online.

SEO Company in Cumbria


Dominate the competition with results-based SEO that puts you on top!

Are you looking to grow your business, increase revenue and consistently generate more sales each month?

My name is Andy Johnson and I’m a Professional SEO consultant in Cumbria. My SEO Company helps businesses increase revenue by improving their position in search engines like Google.

My primary goal is to provide you a Return On Investment (ROI) by targeting the right audience with the right information. I’m not interested in ‘vanity‘ traffic, only ‘quality‘ traffic.

While many digital marketing agencies sell a diluted version of search engine optimisation alongside their main service, such as web design. I focus primarily on SEO, targeting and directing relevant traffic to your website that’s more likely to convert into sales.

If this sounds like something you and your business would benefit from, book a FREE consultation.


Within the first year of working with a national eCommerce business, I was able to increase organic traffic by 1,751%, increasing users from 179 to 3,313 per month

client result increasing traffic by 1,751%


SEO Services

If you want more people to see your website when they use search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo, investing in professional SEO is a must.

Whether you require an SEO Audit to find every possible issue that could be stopping your website from ranking, or my Managed SEO service that takes care of everything for you, I can help.

From on-page SEO to full SEO campaigns, I can provide you and your business with all it needs to increase its sales online.

SEO Services in Cumbria


6 Reasons to work with me for your Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is a complex process made up of various techniques to improve a website’s performance. 

However, I believe it doesn’t need to be complex for my customers.

If you are confused, how can you understand what I’m doing and if it’s of benefit to your business?

My ethos is to provide clarity and transparency in all aspects of my working process. That way you can understand what’s happening at every step.


Here for you

I know this type of work can be complicated and hard to follow its progress. That’s why I include monthly reviews and updates as part of my service.

SEO Accredited

I achieved ‘SEO Expert’ status from the globally recognised Gotch SEO Academy and am accredited in SEO by the Institute of Data & Marketing (IDM)

No tech jargon

You deserve to have your questions answered in plain English. I will clearly explain what is happening so you understand.

No Contract

Although this type of work requires investment in time as well as money, there is no fixed contract with my services

All In One Place

I handle all aspects of your Search Engine Optimisation including one-off SEO Audits and all-inclusive Full-Service SEO.


I’m here for you and your business needs. I want to build meaningful connections and long-term relationships.

Convert more visitors into customers and increase your sales beyond your wildest dreams!


SEO Cumbria

Cumbria has businesses ranging from high-tech organisations to smaller local companies offering unique products and services.

Carlisle is the main commercial centre in the north and the west coast is home to many national and international companies in the energy sector.

With a largely rural centre made up of the Lake District, Cumbria’s mountainous landscape creates a natural divide between businesses and their customers making it difficult to be seen.

Sitting north of Lancaster in the county of Lancashire, Cumbria is third largest county in England by area.

Main towns and cities in Cumbria include:

With the competition for product and brand awareness becoming increasingly difficult, SEO is an invaluable service for any business.

From SEO for architects to audits for construction businesses, I can help your business become more visible online and position you in front of potential customers.

Based in Cumbria, and knowing the challenges of such a diverse location, I understand the difficulties faced by businesses looking to expand locally and nationally from this area.

My SEO techniques are first and foremost built around understanding you and your business. Knowing this ensures I position your company in front of the right audience that converts to sales.

If you’re looking to improve your sales, leads, and revenue, my affordable SEO company in Cumbria can help.

Request a FREE consultation today and we can discuss what SEO success would look like for your business.

I work with clients all over the UK, including Manchester and London, so don’t worry if you’re not in Cumbria or my second location in Lancaster.


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