Do you want results that boost your sales? Check out a few of the results I’ve managed to achieve for my clients. 

Increased organic traffic by 1,751%

In the first 10 months, I was able to improve their organic traffic by 1,751%, increasing users from 179 to 3,313 each month. Over the course of the year, their website users increased from 422 to 19,237. 

client result increasing traffic by 1,751%

Increased sales by over £27,237 per/month

The result of this traffic created additional sales of over £27,237 per month directly from organic search.

client result increased sales

"A really professional service throughout. Highly recommended if you’re serious about driving more traffic to your website"

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Improved brand loyalty by 2,057% 

I was able to improve brand loyalty for a client by increasing ‘returning users’ to their website by 2,057%, from 64 to 4,838 within the first 9 months.

client result improved brand loyalty

Increased page views

Within the first 12 months, I was able to increase page views of my client’s website by 12,167% from 3,505 before I started work, to 429,838.


"Knowledgeable, friendly and patient... Would highly recommend for anyone needing SEO for their website!"

Increased user retention by 402%

I was able to reduce the bounce rate for a client by 82.13% and increase the time a user spends on their website by over 4 minutes.

Client result increased user retention

Finally rank on Google and let customers find you, not your competitors

Increased visibility

I was able to optimise a client’s eCommerce category page from page 5 to page 1 in within 30 days taking it from position 50 to position 2.

client result increasing visibility

Outrank the competition

I was able to rank my client number 1 in Google for their primary keyword, outranking the manufacturer of the product themselves.

Client result out rank the competition

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