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Search Engine Optimisation in Manchester

Whether you’re a Manchester-based business looking to dominate the competition locally, or if you want to provide your services to a national audience.

Search engine optimisation is your answer.

SEO gets your brand, product and services noticed online.

From shops and restaurants on Deansgate to retail and professional businesses in Salford and Trafford.

That’s a lot of people looking for Solicitor services in Manchester!

Ultimately, if your business is not appearing at the top of search results for your product or service, you are missing a huge amount of revenue.

If you already know what you need and would like to speak to me about my SEO services, book a FREE consultation to understand how I can help you.

But, if you want to learn a bit more about SEO, keep reading as I explain why you need SEO and how it can positively impact your business.

We’ll take a look at the following:

Need help with your SEO?

How can I help you achieve your business objectives?

So you’ve decided to invest in SEO for your business.

Now what?

The first step is to understand what your primary business objective is – what does SEO success look like for your business?

For most companies, this is usually to generate more income and provide a positive Return On Investment (ROI).

Who doesn’t want more money, right?

The good news is that SEO specialists like me can make this happen.

I work with businesses to improve their position in search engines, like Google, for the products and services they offer.

This leads to an increase in the amount of targeted traffic sent to their website.

If more people see your business first when looking for what you offer, there is a greater chance they will visit your website and make a purchase.

And it’s this process that ultimately increases revenue and provides a good Return On Investment (ROI).

Sounds good right?

But how do we get to this point?

How do we start an SEO campaign?

By having a chatsimple!

By gathering as much information about your company, I’m able to create a bespoke SEO strategy specifically tailored to deliver your digital marketing objectives.

With every business having its objectives, each digital marketing campaign will naturally be different.

Therefore, different ‘weights’ need to be applied to each of the techniques above depending on the business’s end goals.

Why SEO is Important for Small Businesses in 2023

It’s this type of specialist knowledge that separates the best SEO experts in Manchester.

As an SEO consultant, this is at the heart of what I do.

I provide SEO services that are competitive with any Manchester SEO agency.

But am I based in Manchester?


Do I have a Manchester SEO team behind me?


Does that matter?

Definitely not.

Do I provide SEO in Manchester?


Do I have proven client results?


How to AVOID Cheap SEO Packages in 2023

Why Manchester Businesses Need to Prioritise SEO Now More Than Ever

As business owners, we know how critical brand awareness is.

And as internet users, we understand the importance of online visibility.

The way we (society) find and qualify our decisions to spend our money has changed.

And continues to change as we shift more and more towards searching online.

This can either be our initial search to research a product, an online search for reviews, or our transaction to purchase the product.

Buying stages of a customer
Buying stages of a customer

Either way, businesses need to prioritise search engine optimisation now more than ever and here are 10 reasons why:

Local SEO Services Manchester: The Impact of Local SEO on Manchester’s Businesses

I mentioned above that a benefit of local SEO is reaching customers in their immediate surroundings such as local suburbs like Trafford, Salford, Didsbury and Levenshulme.

But what is the impact of SEO on businesses targeting a local audience?

Here are a few benefits for businesses who invest in local SEO:

How I improve your SEO performance

SEO Strategy

It all starts with the creation of an SEO Strategy.

SEO strategies are structured plans aiming to drive more organic traffic to a website by improving its visibility online.

I believe a successful SEO strategy must be tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of that business.

Therefore at the start of all my SEO work, we discuss not just your business objectives, but understand who your competitors are and any challenges ahead.

As well as acquiring this information, embedded within my SEO strategies are specific objectives such as targeting relevant keywords and link building.

We’ll take a look at these in a moment.

The main goal of all these actions is to improve the position of a website in search engines, leading to increased visibility, more traffic, and ultimately more revenue.

Keyword Research for Manchester SEO Company
Keyword research using Ahref

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the foundation of all SEO campaigns.

When done correctly, this can be the difference between good campaign results and great results!

It’s the process of identifying and analysing relevant keywords that your target audience uses to find your product or services.

The unique research process I use to identify and qualify keywords is my secret weapon that can blow any Manchester SEO agency out of the water.

Understanding what these terms to target and in what order, allows me to use these for implementing on-page SEO.

Incorporating these keywords into your content, meta descriptions, and title tags helps search engines understand the relevance of your content so it can be shown to the right people.

Just take a look at the results I was able to produce for one of my clients, based on professional keyword research.

I was able to increase thier organic traffic by an astonishing 1,751% in the first 10 months.

client result increasing traffic by 1,751%

What’s more, the result of this traffic created extra sales of over £27,237 per month from organic search alone.

client result increased sales

On-Page SEO

Once I have compiled a comprehensive database of search terms, they can be used to improve the relevance of my content.

After identifying a primary keyword to determine the focus of the web page, I can then use related terms to create more in-depth content.

Another key component of on-page SEO is the strategic use of internal links.

These are hyperlinks that point to other pages on the same website, like this.

By effectively linking your content together, you can guide both search engines and users to important content.

This promotes a better understanding of what your site is actually about.

scape technical seo data using screamingfrog
Technical SEO using Screaming Frog

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is pretty much what it sounds like.

But wait, don’t switch off, it’s not that boring, honest.

Technical SEO looks at all non-content-related aspects of a website.

This can include factors such as site speed, page errors and crawl ability.

It also includes things like mobile SEO, which ensures the website is fully responsive and user-friendly on mobile devices – an important ranking factor.

In all my Managed SEO campaigns, I dedicate a set number of hours each month to technical SEO.

By using tools such as Google Analytics (GA4), I can track and measure the impact of these improvements.

Ultimately, technical SEO is about making a website easier for search engines to access your website and free of any errors that could stop it from being visible to users.

semrush audit report errors
Technical Audit Report

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO involves any optimisation activities performed outside the boundaries of the individual website.

An example of this is link building!

You can use tools such as Semrush and Ahrefs to track backlink profiles, identify opportunities and monitor the impact of their performance.

A backlink is a link from any website to yours.

Acquiring a link is like a vote of trust in favour of your website.

Links from relevant websites provide a greater level of trust and pass authority to your site.

The more links you earn, the more trust you gain, which in turn increases your overall domain authority.

The greater your domain authority. the easier it will become to rank for more competitive keywords.

Content marketing

Content marketing focuses on creating, publishing, and distributing valuable, relevant content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience.

It’s crucial to avoid practices like keyword stuffing, where content is unnaturally overloaded with keywords.

This ‘old-style’ strategy will negatively impact rankings and user experience.

Instead, the goal with all my content is to incorporate keywords strategically, ensuring it is written first for the user and then for the search engine.

After Google’s helpful content update, this is more important than ever.

A content management system (CMS) often plays a critical role in content marketing, providing a platform to create, manage, and publish this content efficiently.

It allows for the seamless integration of SEO practices and the monitoring of content performance.

An additional feature of this part of the strategy is conversion rate optimisation (CRO).

Writing content that converts is a skill on its own and is not usually offered as part of a standard SEO campaign.

SEO Company in Barrow

Link building

If you’ve not heard of backlinks I’d be very surprised.

If you’re anything like me, you receive about 100 emails each day from someone trying to sell them!

But joking aside, link building is still considered one of the most important ranking factors for SEO.

The ultimate aim is to increase domain authority by using white-hat SEO strategies to gain high-quality backlinks from other websites.

The more links from good quality, relevant websites, the more authority is passed to your domain.

Domain authority is often associated with greater trust and relevance in a specific field or industry.

Therefore obtaining links to your website can boost your site’s visibility dramatically.

Including link building in my service is a strategic effort to improve your site’s reputation and visibility.

competitor backlink profile
Backlink profile of a website using Semrush

Technical SEO Manchester

I’ve touched on Technical SEO earlier, however, I’ll go a little deeper into why it is such an integral part of Search Engine Optimisation for Manchester companies.

As an SEO expert, my role involves optimising your website to the core so that search engines such as Google, Bing, and others can crawl and index your website effectively.

If this is not done (your site is not indexed), nothing else matters.

No really, nothing else matters!

My approach to helping Manchester businesses with technical SEO encompasses several stages.

Firstly, using my knowledge and experience, combined with advanced SEO tools, I conduct an in-depth website audit to identify any technical issues that might be hindering your visibility on search engines.

This could include broken links, slow page load times, non-responsive designs, or more complex problems like improper redirects or issues with JavaScript.

The audit process I have in place is superior to anything else you will find online or in any SEO agency in Manchester.

In summary, my expertise and technical SEO methods can help Manchester businesses enhance their website’s visibility on search engines, leading to increased organic traffic, better user engagement, and ultimately, more conversions and revenue.

Whether you’re a small local business or a large corporation, a carefully planned and executed technical SEO strategy will ensure you’ll be well on your way to achieving and maintaining high search engine rankings.

What is SEO Reporting?

Never mind Manchester, you could be one of the best SEO experts or SEO company in the world but without reporting, how do you know if your campaign is working?

And more importantly, how do you keep the client updated so they trust and continue to invest in your services?

To measure the success and progression of any SEO campaign, it’s essential to track and record various metrics and data related to website traffic, search rankings, and other agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) over time.

One of the primary tools used for reporting SEO is Google Analytics.

It offers a comprehensive view of how users interact with a website, providing insights into which pages they visit, how long they stay, and their journey throughout the site.

Such data is invaluable for conversion rate optimisation (CRO), as businesses can identify potential roadblocks or opportunities in the user experience that can impact conversions.

Additionally, the Google Search Console, also known simply as the search console, is another indispensable tool.

This platform gives website owners a snapshot of how their site performs in Google’s search results only.

It sheds light on crucial metrics such as search rankings for specific keywords, the number of clicks received from search results, and the overall health and potential issues of a website.

Together, Google Analytics and the Google Search Console are a match made in heaven and provide a holistic view of how well an SEO campaign is performing.

But don’t think SEO reporting is just about numbers – it’s not.

It’s about understanding how your customers behave on your website so you can identify areas for improvement.

Providing this information to your client not only builds trust but ensures they understand what impact SEO is having on their business.

Is your website performing as it should be?
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Why Choose Manchester SEO Agencies?

So with all this being said, why choose a Manchester SEO agency for your search engine marketing?

For me, the short answer is don’t, but I’m biased.

As an SEO consultant, I can compete with other Manchester SEO agencies no matter where I am located.

We’ve just learnt about the change in the way we search for products.

So, why should finding SEO services be any different?

Do I really need to be in a Manchester SEO office to help your business grow its organic traffic?

Or do I need to have an in-house SEO team to do all the SEO work for me?

The fact you are reading this page shows how I have successfully ranked my own business for the search term 'SEO Manchester' without being located there.

This is the power of search engine optimization and I can do the same for your Mancunian business locally or nationally.

From my two bases in Barrow-in-Furness (Cumbria) and Lancaster (Lancashire), I run successful SEO campaigns for customers throughout the UK, providing impressive client results and customer service.

Does being part of a Manchester SEO team make someone better at SEO?

I don’t believe it would.

I have over 16 years of experience in digital marketing and achieved SEO Expert status from the globally recognised Gotch SEO Academy.

I also gained further accreditation from the UK Insitute for Data & Marketing in SEO and PPC.

The systems I have in place allow me to work on multiple campaigns at scale, whilst providing a personal, transparent service that’s less common with large agencies.

The professional SEO tools I use are the same, but my digital marketing processes are personalised and transparent.

My clients work directly with me and can see the SEO performance of their campaigns at any point.

SEO Manchester – Next Steps

Interested in Enhancing Your Visibility in Search Engines? I Can Help, Get in Touch

SEO can sometimes feel like an overwhelming subject for clients and businesses.

I believe this is due to the huge amount of so-called SEO Experts offering it to businesses unsolicited.

But I also believe that people who are serious about growing their businesses will also understand the difference between ‘SEO experts’ wanting to make a quick sale and an SEO professional who cares as much about your business as you.

After all, it’s not just about your website’s rankings and the latest search engine algorithms.

We’re talking about improving a business so that it can provide job security for its staff or a better life for its owner.

One question that always gets asked is.

“What does SEO cost?”

Well, I’m afraid the answer is…

It depends.

Every Manchester business is different and can have a variety of business objectives they want to achieve.

Therefore SEO success looks different to each business and therefore requires different levels of SEO complexity.

However, whatever your business I know I can help you with your next Manchester SEO campaign.

I provide SEO services to businesses across the UK from my two locations in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria) and Lancaster, Lancashire.

Find out if your business is a good fit for SEO and if so, how I can help.

Book a FREE Consultant today.

Andy Johnson
Andy Johnson
I am an SEO Consultant with over 16 years of experience in the digital marketing industry. I achieved 'SEO Expert' status from the globally recognised Gotch SEO Academy and gained further accreditation from the UK Insitute for Data & Marketing in SEO and PCC marketing. My knowledge and passion for Search Engine Optimisation drive me to get results for my clients.

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